Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs


Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 1 Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 2 What is the Journey of Africa retreat all about?

A Journey of Africa retreat is an immersive, unique community travel experience designed to help you break out of your routine, explore new places, cultures, adventures and of course to meet new people from around the world. Our travel communities are made up of a variety of designations – from artists to CEO’s top Creative Directors, Accountants, Electrical Engineers, Travel Agents to entrepreneurs across so many industries.


Although African Journey retreats are about togetherness, we also encourage alone time to reflect. Gather your thoughts. Catch up on your emails and stay connected to your life back at home. Draw inspiration. Or to simply just take the time to… take in and absorb the beautiful experience. This is your personal soul journey. You (and only you) decide what you make of it.


From Safari adventures, meandering the magnificent wine route in Cape Town, taking in the beautiful warm African Sun on private beaches, climbing mountains to indulge in the breathtaking views, to exclusive bush lodge getaways. The Journey of Africa is an experience that you will never forget.


You also get to participate in community work. Helping the less fortunate is something we take great pride in. African Journey retreats involve a full day of actively submerging the group in the local culture and community by helping to improve living conditions, school facilities or sometimes just providing a wholesome meal for those in need. Each person volunteers to take on a task and together, as a team, we make people smile. Together, we make a difference.


There are other group activities, tours, group meals, events and experiences. You are welcome to participate in as many of these as you like. There is only one compulsory event during a Journey of Africa retreat - which is the welcome dinner. The rest is up to you.

Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 1 Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 2 Who do you accept on the Journey of Africa retreats?

The Journey of Africa retreats are open to all nationalities, age groups (from 25 up), designations and professionals. Together we explore new places, socialize, celebrate diversity, have fun and enjoy new adventures. We also actively do community work and help those in need.


To ensure that our travel communities are a fit for each Journey of Africa retreat, we look for a few simple qualities:


• People who are seeking adventure, travel, curious about the world.


• Are you curious about Africa, open to diverse cultures, history, wild life and new experiences?


• You want to make a difference in this world? Want to help people in need? Do something good?


• Do you want to make new friends and meet new people, spend time with people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and values?


• Are you kind and considerate to those around you to ensure that everyone has a wonderful experience in Africa?


• Do you speak English fluently?


• Not a jerk? Sound like you? Then you should apply to join us on our next Journey of Africa retreat!

Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 1 Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 2 How do I sign up to join a Journey of Africa retreat?

It is really simple. The first step is to apply for the retreat of your choice. Simply click on Book Now and complete the application form. Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email that we have received your form. Within 3 working days, a Journey of Africa Consultant will schedule a quick video call to help us to get to know you a little better, share information and answer any questions that you may have.


After the video call, fitting applicants will receive an official invite to join the travel community within 24 hours. Payment should be made within 48 hours after receipt of the official invitation, to secure your spot on a Journey of Africa retreat. You will then receive communication regarding all of your trip details. No matter where you are travelling from, our Retreat Consultants will be able to assist in your travel arrangements to Africa. The cost for these additional services are not covered in the Journey of Africa retreat costs and will be detailed on a separate quotation.

Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 1 Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 2 Pricing and Details

How much should I expect to pay for a Journey of Africa retreat?


The Journey of Africa retreats range from $3000 to $5,000 depending on the location. Additional flights, travel costs, Visa and/or any additional requirements not listed in the retreat details are for your own account. Our Retreat Consultants will assist with any special requirements and service wherever possible. Whilst our retreats are not overly luxurious, we do try to ensure that you are comfortable. The Journey of Africa Retreat Consultants will try to provide you with a full overview of costs, options and potential extras. The price range provided above is merely a guideline and is subject to change depending on each destination and where you are travelling from.

Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 1 Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 2 Do I have to pay extra or donate any money to participate in the community work?

No, you do not have to pay to be involved. You give of your time, energy and love. Each Journey of Africa retreat will help a different charity, school, home or community in need. Each person in the travel community will decide how they get involved and what they will be doing on the day. All materials or food will be provided by the Journey of Africa and various other sponsors. If, however, you would like to donate money or help the charity over and above the work that we set out to do – that is entirely up to you. You are not obligated in any way. But you are more than welcome to offer additional help where needed. Your Journey of Africa Retreat Leader will be available to assist, advise and guide you if required.

Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 1 Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 2 What's typically included in the price?

The details of each trip change from location to location but in general the prices quoted on each trip usually covers**:


• Private accommodation (unless otherwise stated or sharing is requested) for the duration of the trip


• Daily breakfast (in most locations)


• Access to any additional onsite facilities (pools, common areas, etc…) – destination specific


• A dedicated Retreat Leader and local experts to facilitate your Journey of Africa travel experience


• Destination orientation, welcome, and farewell dinners


• Airport pickup upon arrival (in most locations)


• 24/7 onsite wifi connectivity (in most locations)


• Organization of local excursions, happy hours, parties and more… event / entrance tickets, supplies, and guides are covered whenever possible for any event not marked as “optional”


• Transport to and from group community / charity work activity


• All materials required for the group community / charity work


• A tailored set of the Journey of Africa tools to help you document and record your journey


• Post trip access to our travel community, special deals, and event invites


**Please look at the specific destination pages for details on what is provided in each location! In general, your payment does not include several specific things:


• Alcohol


• Regular daily meals or groceries, outside of breakfast and unless otherwise noted. Outside of certain important group meals that are included (like welcome and farewell dinners) any extra group meals we help facilitate, only those participating split the costs


• Your day-to-day local transportation. We often help arrange this to and from our excursions, and provide guidance in terms of recommended transport to get around safely. In general, you are responsible for your own regular daily mobility needs. It is always best to consult with your Journey of Africa Retreat Leader in terms of travel outside of the planned retreat.


• Rule of thumb – if it is not listed in your Journey of Africa travel kit, then you are responsible for the cost.


• Extra optional activities are available for each Journey of Africa retreat. These costs will be for your account. Your Retreat Consultant will be able to provide you with details of any additional activities available and the cost thereof.


• Airline tickets / travel to and from the retreat destination, visas costs, personal travel insurance, and other logistical costs that are not scheduled and confirmed by your Retreat Consultant in writing, are for your own cost.

Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 1 Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 2 What is the cancellation and / or refund policy?

Trip payments are refundable, less a $150 cancellation fee, up to 60 days before the retreat begins. Up to 45 days before your retreat, a full refund will be given less $550, which can be applied one time and at no cost, to another Journey of Africa retreat that starts within 6 months of your original retreat. No transfers or refunds are available 45 days before a retreat starts. By making a payment, you agree to the standard Journey of Africa terms and conditions. Special payment conditions may apply for late sign-ups, please contact us for more information.

Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 1 Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 2 How long in advance to I have to book?

These trips are relatively small. There’s only a max of about 20 to 30 people on each Journey of Africa retreat. All of them willfully book in advance. We recommend booking your spot as early as possible, as most trips will be full or nearly full within 45 days of the start of a retreat.

Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 1 Journey of Africa Retreat FAQs 2 Can I bring my significant other to a Journey to Africa retreat?

Absolutely! We do ask that you please keep in mind that this is a group retreat (community travel) and that some of the most important aspects of the trip include socializing and spending time together. Meeting new people, sharing experiences and activities together.


If you and yours are extremely private in nature, then a co-living retreat may not be for you. Let us know if you’re interested in bringing someone. We offer good deals for couples coming together on Journey to Africa retreats, since (we assume…) you will be sharing a room.


If in the event you would prefer a private couple retreat, check out the Africa Untouched packages for bespoke African travel experiences for you and your significant other! Or for tailor-made family vacation packages. Either way – we have got your Journey of Africa covered!

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